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13th PTA General Body Meeting

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5th March 2017:  The main objective of the PTA is to bring a letter understanding of the problems of the students, parents and teachers and to help them to find suitable solutions to achieve this goal.  The 13th PTA General Body Meeting was organized on 16th December at 2.00pm in the senior school premises.

Dr. Renjana Mitra , Department of Psychology, Mahila Mahavidatyalay, B.H.U was the chief Guest and the resource person for the day.  She inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp.  This was followed by a Hymn, Scripture reading and peace prayer.

The Josephians presented a beautiful prayer dance then the chief guest was welcomed by Mrs. Binita Singh.  Then slips sere distributed among the parents for nomination and the nominated members introduced themselves for voting.  Mr. Pradeep Agrawal;, the Vice president of the PTA addressed the parents and shared the achievements of the PTA General Body with the parents.

Mrs. Kalpana Jain presented the Financial report of the year 2016-17.

Then Sr. Sheela addressed everyone present for the occasion saying that is a moment to interact with one another and how to bring up our children has become a serious concern  so that they are presented from being diverted from being diverted from their respective goal. She focuses on the fact that parents should spend quality time with children know about their friend, listen to their experience. Children should be given space to talk, experience and grow. They should be encourages and not instill our hopes on them but should be made aware of their responsibilities, listen to their problems and give a solution so that they grow up to be a good human being.

Dr. Ranjan Mitra, was resource person addressed the parents on use and misuse of social media that parents should keep a watch on his/her Childs upbringing and on the use of mobiles.  She focused on spending quality time with children which will help them to grow better than leave their child to the cocooned in lies world.  Parents themselves should also limit their use of mobiles.  She described different ways in which the parents and teachers should collaborate with the child in order to maintain a good relationship which will strengthen their values, build confidence to bring out their best.  Then the outgoing members of the Executive body of the PTA were honored.  The senior students presented a mesmerizing dance that made the atmosphere lively.  The day concluded with sare Jahan Se Accha.  Snacks and coffee were distributed to parents children and teachers.