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Rules & Regulations

Admission Rules 


· Admission to the school is restricted by certain policies of the management and by conditions of age, ability and conduct.  

· At the time of admission T.C / Date of Birth Certificate must be submitted.

· At the time of admission the students are expected to be personally introduced by the parents/guardian who will be responsible to the school authorities for his/her studies, conduct, regularity and discipline. 

· The school leaving certificate of a student joining from a school outside Uttar Pradesh must be countersigned by the Education Authorities of the District in which the previous school is situated.

· In case of re-admission after withdrawal, admission fee will be levied again.

· The Principal reserves the right to admit or to refuse admission to a pupil.



· There will be three unit tests for classes KG to VI in the academic year which begins in April and ends in March.  Monthly tests also will be conducted.

· Half- yearly examination and an Annual examination will be conducted for classes VII to XII. (Instead of annual exam there will be a preliminary exam for classes  X & XII) in the month of January. Monthly tests also will be conducted.

· Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during examinations and tests.  Any malpractice, even if discovered later, will be seriously dealt with.

· The results of the examinations are final and will not be reconsidered.

· Students will not be allowed to sit for any examination unless the fees is paid as recommended.



· The students will be evaluated through a continual class assessment based on all the work he/she does, as well as on the tests and unit tests conducted in the class.

· Instead of rewarding only the rank holders, all those who have reached excellence in every subject, as well as having good conduct,  will be awarded a certificate and merit medal.

· Those students who have worked hard consistently throughout the year, and have achieved above 75%  will also be rewarded.



· 75% attendance is necessary for promotion.

· A satisfactory conduct is necessary for a child to be considered for promotion to the next class.

· A minimum of 40% marks should be obtained for promotion. In the case of very poor marks in any particular subject, promotion can be withheld.



· Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or defiance of authority, malpractice in connection with examinations, lack of sufficient improvement in conduct and studies even after warnings, or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.

· A student who fails more than once in the same class shall be removed from the rolls.  The decision of the Principal shall be final in this matter.




· Every application for a leaving certificates shall be made in writing by the parent/guardian on the prescribed form.

· A Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all the fees is paid upto the current month.  Those who leave in April will pay the fees for May and June as well.

· No student should be withdrawn from the school without an application for withdrawal.

· Any student who applies for T. C having left the school without prior application will pay the fees upto the date of application for T.C

· A fee of Rs.50/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate




· Silence must be observed in the class rooms and verandas  during school time.

· All students are expected to line up in silence for the assembly at the sound of the first bell. After the assembly they should disperse in silence to their classes.

· Every student shall endeavour to keep up the high standard and more morale of the school by excelling in English, good manners, deportment and in acquiring healthy habits.

· The school authorities will not be responsible for lost goods. Students should not carry or wear valuable articles when coming to school.

· Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.  As precautionary measure it is suggested that they have their names inscribed on articles like tiffin carriers, school bags, etc.

· The class rooms, corridors and the school premises shall be kept neat and clean.  Waste paper or other waste materials must always be thrown into the waste bins provided.

· All students shall be particularly careful to keep the school campus neat and tidy.

· No student should leave the school premises during class hours without the knowledge and permission of the Principal.

· No books, other than the required text books, may be brought to school.

· Articles found in the school premises are to be handed over to the office.

· Any damage to the school property will have to be made good.

· The school calendar should be brought daily to school.

· During school hours, students are not allowed to receive visitors or make phone calls or to answer a phone call.  If the matter is very urgent, the message will be given.

· Students are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in school but also for their behaviour outside.  Any one reported on objectionable conduct out of school shall make them liable for disciplinary action.

Computer Lab Rules  


· Student must not bring any outside floppy/CD into the school without prior permission from the Principal.

· Students will not be allowed to install other programmes from CD or Floppy without permission.

· Computer room and all the systems must be kept tidy and clean at the end of each class.


 Library Rules  


· Students should keep in mind that 'Reading makes a full man.'  They should develop the habit of reading, not flying from book to book but systematically and thoughtfully; reading suggested books on different subjects and storing them up carefully in their memory.  It is only in this way that information will be at the same time extensive.

· No talking is permitted in the library except in consulting with the librarian.  This also should be done in a low voice.

· Students may borrow one book at a time for a period upto one week from library. Any book not required by another person may be re-issued for a further week.

· Certain books magazines etc. are available for reference in the library.  They are not to be taken home.

· Books, periodicals, magazines etc. should be treated with care, both in and out of the library.  Writing in books, ink blots, torn pages, marks and line in books are not tolerated.

· Books are issued on the understanding that they are only to be read by persons to whom they are issued and are not given to others in school or outside.

· Any student who breaks the above rules will have to pay a fine or cost of the lost and damaged books. 

 Laboratory Rules  


· Lab -coats are necessary to enter the Chemistry Lab.

· Keep perfect silence in the laboratory; it is essential for concentration and successful scientific work.

· Keep your apparatus, table and note-book carefully and clean.

· Do not change the stoppers of the  bottles and also do not disturb the arrangement of the shelf, keep the reagents at their proper places.

· Do not shift the bottles from the common shelf.

· Do not throw broken glass pieces, match sticks, filter paper etc. in the sink.  Throw them in the waste box kept for that purpose.

· Any damage to lab apparatus/equipment will have to be made good.


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Attendance Rules


· All students should be present in school on the opening day of each term.

· If a student is absent for 10 consecutive days without an application or three days at the beginning of a term, his/her name may be struck off from the school rolls. In case of rejoining, the admission fee will be charged.

· No student should absent himself/herself from class without sufficient reasons. 

· Leave application must be given to the class teacher stating reasons for absence.

· In case of illness a medical certificate must be produced within three days

· All absentees from school must bring with them a leave letter from the parent/guardian, and this should be entered in the  absence record column of the diary.

· 75% attendance is necessary for promotion.

· Late comers and absentees from school will not be admitted to school without the permission of the Principal.