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Sangam 2017 : 1st November 2017:-  The Josephians dignified guests, parents, sisters and fathers from aborad joined together as a family to celebrate another milestone   …...   more

14th Nov 2017:- Childrens’ Day in the school was celebrated with full zest and enthusiasm.  The day began with the school assembly conducted by the teachers ………...  more

5th September, 2017:-  Teacher’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. S. Radha Krishnan, the second president     …….. more

15th August 2017:-  Independence day was celebrated with zest and fervor at 8.00a.m.  Sr. Garcy, Mother General of Our Lady of Providence kindly consented  ……...more

5th August 2017:- St. Joseph’s Convent School hoisted the Zonal Level Basket Ball (Girls) Tournament.12 teams from ICSE School in Varanasi Diocese participated in it.   ….more

St. Joseph Day :  12th July 2017 (Wednesday) The Josephians  celebrated this auspicious day in the Senior School  premises to to commemorate the foster father of Jesus Christ    ……… more

Farewell to sisters : - 9th May 2017 : The memories of a glorious past is always a source of incessant inspiration to the builder of the future.  … more

St. Joseph’s Convent School organized its 8th Vidhyarambham ceremony in the premises of the junior section.  Education is the only gift of God which makes a man    ……… more

Inauguration of New Building

28th February 2017:-  The Management and staff were very delighted to witness this very significant event in the history of St. Joseph’s Convent.  Since the beginning of its journey in 1982   ….  More

 PTA General Body Meeting :- 5th March 2017:  The main objective of the PTA is to bring a letter understanding of the problems of the students, parents and teachers  …   More

Prerna—Nov 2016

5th Nov 2016: Prerna was organized in the senior school premises of St. Joseph Convent School Shivpur at 1.00 p.m Rev. Fr. C. Thomas , Education Secretary,   ……… More

Principal’s Birthday  : 11th January 2016:- The teachers were exulted and exited to celebrate their principal’s birthday. We began this special day by a prayer.  ……. more

2nd Nov 2016: The Alumni Meet 2016 was organized on 2nd November 2016 at. 10.00 a.m in the senior school premises.    …….. More

Farewell Class XII:-  The students of class XI organized a thrilling farewell for the outgoing children of class XII under the guidance of the Mrs. Prema, Mrs. Krishna and Mrs. Shanti. ……… More


22nd December 2016 :- The Josephians witnessed an enthusiastic and en existing moment of their auspicious day.  Fr. Justin the director of the Nav Sadhana Audio Visual Department…….. More

Republic Day Celebration:

26th January 2017:  The Republic Day celebrations was organized in the senior school premises.  Honorable Principal Sr. Sheela  …….. more

Teachers’ Day : 5th September 2016:  Teachers Day was celebrated with complete zest on 5th September in the senior school premises.  The students unlocked their box of talents that left the teachers mesmerized ……...… More 

Independence Day : 15th August 2016,  The St. Josephians witnessed the 70th Independence Day in the Senior School premises.  The day began with a prayer thanking God for his blessings and for a pleasant day…. More

Vidhyarambham Ceremony : St. Joseph’s Convent School organized its 8th Vidhyarambham ceremony in the premises of the junior section…….  More

St. Joseph’s Day:- 9th July, 2016:  St. Joseph’s Day was celebrated in the school premises by the Josephians commemorate St. Joseph, Foster father of Jesus Christ.  ………………….. More