Education is a process of liberation of the human mind from ignorance, prejudice, superstition and to widen the capacity to learn, understand and realize one's potentials in every sphere.

To build a just and fraternal Society by character formation of students enabling them to realize their mental, physical and spiritual abilities for their own good and the welfare of humanity.

To help students stand up for universal values and human rights to be able to solve problems and pass on the good they have received.


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In the present day scenario, school education has assumed different dimensions.  It not only just career the physical and mental growth of a student, but the emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic dimensions as well.  But the qualities of humanity, perseverance and strength of character are scarcely seen in the…..  

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We radiate high standard of academic excellence, talents and personality to our students.  It reveals their intellectual, emotional and creative caliber and ensures the wholesome and all round development of the character.  The active involvement of the students in every space with their practical knowledge and wisdom shows their harmonious and integral development.


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Those students who passed out (ISC 2021) / left the school after the year 2020-21, can come and collect a refund of 5% of the composite fee deposited, by showing the fee  receipts in the office




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Sr. Siji