Former - Principal

A school plays a great role in the society in the sphere of academic, social, moral, and physical development. Above all, it keeps its door open for all, irrespective of external differences. The school upholds and instils the values of truth, love, brotherhood, justice, loyalty, and respect for all. It plays an important role in the character formation of every child and helps him or her to be critical thinkers and at the same time to have a positive outlook on life
St. Joseph's Convent School plays a vital role in the development and growth of the society. Its focus is on how to shape the minds and hearts of its students, make them aware of their responsibility to build a just and fraternal society by character formation, enabling them to realize their mental, physical, and spiritual abilities for their own good and for the welfare of humanity. Its presence is felt far and wide through students, ex- students, parents, and well-wishers. The students get ample opportunity to excel in every field as per their interest.
So, I request all of you to keep alive the spirit of our institution, by working hard, respecting everyone irrespective of differences, holding on to the universal values of brotherhood, and being truthful to oneself and others. Dear students do your best in all activities, fill your minds with goodness and love, do nothing which will harm the values that your school and your family up holds. May God bless you all.

Sr. Sheela

Providence Generalate Varanasi