Parent Teacher Association


To build up a closer relationship between parents, teachers and society in order to bring about more effective collaboration.

  1. To co-operate in all educational and other related programs aimed at the holistic growth and development of our students.
  2. To assist in organizing educatinal, social, recreational and other co-curricular activities in the school for benfit of students and staff.
  3. To help parents and teachers to adopt more fully the visions and objectives of the school.
  4. To generate funds, accept donations and contributions from the parents and the public for the development of the school and for charitable purposes.
  5. To organize seminars, fetes,dramas and co-curricular activities beneficial to students, teachers and parents.
  6. To arrange for and pay for those teachers to be appointed/ engaged for remedial teaching or extra coaching, including music, dance, yoga etc.
  7. To contribute funds/finances to further educational and other activities of St. Joseph's Convent School, Shivpur and other schools run or managed by the parent body, the society of St. Joseph's Convent School.


The St. Joseph's Convent School P.T.A is open to all parents of children presently studying in the school and memebers of the Teaching staff.


The annual subscription is Rs. 200/- payable along with the first fee of each academic year.(The member of the staff and management are exempted from payment of this fee.)


The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive committee consisting of twenty one memebers including office bearers as stated below:
President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer. Out of a total membership of twenty one members:
  1. Principal, Manager and Head mistress shall be ex- officio members.
  2. Six shall be from the staff, one each elected by the staff of the four different sections of the school and two to be nominated by the President.
  3. The remaining ten shall be from the parent members out of which, six are to be elected by the parents and four are to be nominated by the President.
  4. The association shall be advisory in the matter of education and shall not interfere in the administration of the school or control its policies in any matter.
  5. Should a vacancy arise on the Executive Committee mid- term. the president should nominate a member to fill the post.



The President of the Association shall be the Principal of St. Joseph's Convent School. The President shall preside over all the meetings and shall have a casting vote. The President shall have the power to reconsider any decision taken in her absence at the next executive meeting.


The vice president shall be elected from among the parent members and shall as the public relations officer.

General Secretary

The General Secretary shall be elected from the parent body and is the executive officer of the association. He/She shall be responsible for the recording of proceedings, calling the meeting of the Executive Committee and the General Body Meeting.


The Joint Secretary shall be elected from the members of the staff and shall assist the General Secretary in performance of his/her duties.


The Treasurer shall be elected from the staff and shall maintain all accounts. The President and the treasurer will jointly operate all the accounts. The account books of the assocication shall be kept in the school and the president of the Association shall have access to the book of Accounts.


The Annual General Body Meeting of the Association shall be held in the first term. The following business shall be transacted.

  1. Reading of the Annual Report.
  2. Reading of the financial report and projected budget for the following year.
  3. Election of the Executive Committee every two or three years.
  4. Consideration of other questions or imprtant matters relating to the welfare of the students and the school. A seven days' notice shall be given. A special meeting of the General Body may be called , if necessary, with a view to promote the aims and objectives of the association. Seven days' notice shall be given for such meetings.


  1. The Executive Committee shall meet at least three times a year The Secretary shall maintain the minutes of the meetings.?
  2. The term of the Executive committee shall be two years.
  3. The decisions of the executive committee on all matters delt with by them,and in accordance with the constitution, shall be binding on all members.
  4. The duties of the executive committee are as follows:
    1. To help organize activities in accordance with the constituiton.
    2. To frame rules and laws when necessary, to enforce the constitution of the Association.
    3. To be responsible for the general management of the Association and to invest the funds not immediately required in a manner beneficial to the general interest of the management and staff.
    4. To prepare and submit every year at the Annual General Body Meeting, the accounts and reports of the activities of the Association for the previous year and the projected budget for the following year.


  1. a. The bankers of the Association shall be one of the Scheduled Nationalized banks of India.
  2. The President and the Treasurer of the Association shall operate the bank account.
  3. The Executive Committee shall frame the rules for operating and controlling finance and bank accounts.
  4. In the event of dissolution of the association, the assets of the association shall be transferred to St. Joseph's Convent School, Shivpur.


The constitution can be amended by means of a motion approved by at least 2/3 of the members of the general body present and voting.