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Children Day

  • All about how we celebrated Children Day :

    Josephians celebrated this day with full zest and enthusiasm the day commenced with the school assembly conducted by teachers followed by an English song by students of class 10th?C.? Poonam teacher threw light on Children's Day. The mock parliament conducted by the students on political issues seemed to be quite interesting and amusing. Our principal sister Sheela blessed the Josephians to become good citizens. That the students show follow and pay due respect to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and other freedom fighters. Irrespective of the party we should salute the person who had helped the building of the Nation. The students lavishly enjoyed the Golgappas, Jhalmuri, Patties and Samosas in the Mini fete are organized by the teachers. The boys had fun and thoroughly enjoyed the football and cricket tournaments where as the girls enjoyed playing Kho-Kho. The proceedings of the faith will be utilized for the welfare of the poor civilization. All together it was an enthralling day.