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School Fete

  • All about how we celebrated School Fete :

    This is one of the most looked forward events by all the students particularly the younger ones. It is a living example of how proper planning and team work can make a huge difference in a day. On this day one would get to see full cooperation and involvement of all senior students and staff members in executing their assigned work. The objective behind such a mega event is to achieve self-reliant and self-sufficiency. All the sale proceed of the day would be contributed towards the betterment of school Games Committee who are responsible for the smooth conduct of almost all the major school activities in the school-be it sport, culture and literary as well. The school wears a very festive look with plenty of stalls for various games, entertainment and food stalls. Many of our children are involved in running these stalls very efficiently by putting their heart and soul to generate income for the school. It is also a gala time for the parents and the ex-students to meet their children and to rejuvenate their sweet memories of their good old days.